Vet Experience

I Sat in a Humvee

By David Gains

I got the amazing chance to sit in a Humvee today!!

It's weird to have such a conflict and arousal toward an object like a vehicle.

However this is a life that 12B (Combat Engineers) and Soldiers live and breath for many years of their life's. (If we are lucky to keep them) In countries all around the world. From sea to shining sea!!! No matter where Engineers went though. We knew a few things were coming with us. God, Who will guide us. Family, Who will support us. And so importantly. Country. Who is America!!! Our Battles (Brothers), Weapons, And  bad ass fully stocked military vehicles.!!! (Don't forget the beer! Essayons!)

After years away from the military. An attachment, a feeling, a current, comes back and it's hard to touch. But it is real!! And it is deep!! It is Hot!!! It is Loud!! It is the nerves of seeing ones past self in uniform!!! Knowing that every day you will step into this vehicle with the full 100 percent knowledge that you are looking for an I.E.D. !!!! (Improvised Explosive Device) To drive and search for inside of vehicles, Out of vehicles . With robots. With drones. With more I.E.D's. (yes we had a blast too!! Hahah!)

Any terrain on this Earth, 12B can get through, go through, or use a hell of a lot of C-4 and blast through. All the while let's not forget the pesky I.E.D. who's still out there just waiting for a military vehicle like the Buffalo, or Husky to drive over. Pumped up on America juices like energy drinks and coffee.(Rip-it, Green beans).  Engineers gear up everyday with the goal of finding and destroying any and every bomb that may be in their way. In the road. In the trash. In a house. In a car. In a light . On a body. In a body. Under a dress. Behind a desk. Any place is possible. There are no limits. Not only where but how will they be detonated.

The hardest part however is the wait. The not knowing. The passing hours as you search meticulously for the bomb that is waiting for you. The unknown time. Or unknown place. But always knowing.  Anytime! Anyplace!

Not always is it just a bomb but also gunfire from some prick who's mad we burnt his opium farm (helping stop flow of heroine). Or the gun fire from the grandson of a guy who got killed 30 years ago and now he's pissed. Or the woman and child who's been forced to decoy a soldiers attention while an r.p.g. is fired from a different direction.

The 12B, Combat Engineer endures an amazing ammount from many aspects of the military. It is a task that is grueling and demanding both physically and mentally. A bond comes from those long days and  loud nights when you can't sleep. Because out going bombs and incoming bombs are going off. It doesn't stop cause we want to sleep.

But after traveling 16 hours a day for weeks you just want to rest. Say good night to your brothers. Pray and know that your all here for one another. To wake up and do it all over again tomorrow.

And at the end of the day, The most important thing an Engineer and a soldier have. Are God, Family, Country!!!! (Essayons)

"I fully thank all of my outlaw brothers and sisters for sure. And all military everywhere and their families alike. When people judged the vet who flipped out in the parking lot in uniform, a lot forgot he may have lived this life to an aspect. There are treading waters In a vets minds at all times. I hope he and all families in and of the military get the guidance they need. Prayers and love. "